Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 3:29 PM PST
"I don't get 'down and funky' very often, but when I do LACE is the perfect band!"
      - Ray Romano - actor/comedian
  L.A. Caribbean Ensemble - L.A.C.E.
jlb jazz collective

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John Twiford - vocals
Jason Lee Bruns - lead pan & latin percussion
Dan Savell - double pans
Tim Archer - electric bass
Jeff Friedl - drum set

Founded, led and produced by Jason Lee Bruns "Lace" is the premier recording
of the L.A. Caribbean Ensemble: "Southern California's premier event band -
where Urban Meets Island." This Enhanced CD features a music-mentary with
video footage from the recording of the E.P. and footage from a live show.